HARUN EYE FOUNDATION LTD. (HEFL) Company has been running a full-fledged specialized eye care hospital, HARUN EYE FOUNDATION HOSPITAL(HEFH), was incorporated on December 25, 1994 as a private limited company and registered with the Register of Joint Stock Companies.

Harun Eye Foundation Hospital provides comprehensive eye care services to the patient, offers modern diagnostic facilities and performs world standard eye surgeries and laser procedures.There are 26 renowned ophthalmologists are practicing in the campus of the hospital and onan average 400 patients are getting eye treatment daily from this hospital.From outside there are about 20 ophthalmologists and 40 trainee doctors are working part time in this hospital and on an average 600 surgical procedures are being done in a month. This Harun Eye Foundation Hospital is the first specialized private eye hospital of the country with high tech equipments,initiated the specialty group practice system of many ophthalmologists under the same roof and now is the pioneer in the world standard sub specialty services to people of the country.

HARUNEYE FOUNDATION LTD. is now running under dynamic leadership of its Chairman, Dr. Khondoker Imtiaz Hossain. Being a private limited organization, the ownership of the hospital is now concentrated within 35 members with different share holding percentage. As on 30 June 2013,the authorized and paid up capital of the organization HEFL are Tk. 40.00 million and Tk. 30.00 million respectively. The hospital has been established in a hired building located at 31, 06 Dhanmondi in 1994 and re-established  on its premises  located at House no#12/A, Road no#5, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka-1205 in 2007.

The hospital provides eye care services with latest technology and clinical expertise. Basement of the building is car parking and electric power supply sub station with two generators. The level 1, 2 and 4 of the building are the practicing zone for the renowned ophthalmologists in different sub specialties and Level 3 is exclusive for operation theater complex with six operation theaters, postoperative word, surgeon lounge for changing and tea room. The Level 6 is occupied by the department of investigation, Laser and office of the hospital and the company. There are 26 renowned ophthalmologists on different sub specialties are regularly practicing in the practicing floors of the hospital and around 600 patients are attending daily for consultations. At present the hospital has 10VIP cabins, 5 general beds and 10 post operative beds. There are 6 operation theaters in the OT Complex at level 3 and average 500 patients are being operated per month in this hospital. There are 30 to 40 guest eye surgeons are also operating eye surgeries every day in the operation theater complex of this hospital. In the investigation department there are 12 senior and junior technicians working for different imaging tests of  the patients referred by the ophthalmologists of this hospital, and many other ophthalmologists from different hospitals of Dhaka city and other regions or areas of the country. More than 5000 different types of imaging investigations are being done by world standard equipments in this hospital every month.